Grantee submission by: Meg Hambrose; Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

How did the funding or non-monetary support you received from the Foundation impact your organization and/or the community?

The University of Scranton received a grant from Moses Taylor Foundation for the creation of a Speech & Hearing Science Laboratory to support the new undergraduate degree program in Communication Sciences & Disorders and graduate degree program in Speech-Language Pathology. We purchased acoustic and aerodynamic measurement equipment, specialized microphones, and iPads which are all used by the speech-language pathologist in the assessment and treatment of persons diagnosed with voice disorders. During the senior year of the undergraduate CSD degree program, students will take a course titled Speech & Hearing Science. Within this course students will be introduced to the physiology of speech production, the acoustic characteristics of voice, and the processes by which listeners perceive the sounds of speech. Students will gain experience with current technology and instrumentation by engaging in practical activities in the Speech and Hearing Science laboratory. It is estimated that once the new undergraduate degree program is fully operational, approximately 20 to 30 students per year will have access to the new equipment and space.

Share a quote or anecdotal story from a client or employee of your organization that illustrates the impact of your work.

“I think The University’s Speech Language Pathology program is going to stand out. With the synchronous interactive model, we’re being extremely creative in how we’re going to deliver the education to students. We have state-of-the-art software and tools we’ll be able to use. It is going to be a very unique program.” Hope E Baylow, D.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-S, Founding Program Director, Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) and Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) The University of Scranton.

What do you most want the community to know about your work and/or what excites you most about the future of your organization?

The job outlook for speech-language pathologists and audiologists is strong as both fields present opportunities for high earnings and employment growth. The University of Scranton’s Communication Sciences and Disorders major fully prepares students for graduate education and careers in these growing fields.