Reflections from Ellen Stevens

Ellen Stevens
Operations and Grants Manager

What is your role at the Foundation?
As the Operations and Grants Manager, I manage the office operations, including fiscal duties, payroll, coordinating meetings and events, and supporting the team and the board. To support the grantmaking process, I coordinate site visits and manage behind-the-scenes functions, including the data system.

What are you most proud of in your work with the Foundation?

I’m very proud of the support we’ve provided to so many nonprofits in our community. I’m very proud of the transparency and the relationships we have built. The team brought strong relationships to the Foundation, but then continued to build on that. We get great feedback from nonprofits.

What, in particular, do you want people to know about the Foundation?

Our team and our board are very compassionate about continuing to learn what the grantees and nonprofits are doing in our community. Understanding what they do – and why they do it – helps the Foundation provide the best support possible. A lot of consideration and thoughtfulness go into the requests we receive from nonprofits.

Going forward, what do you feel strongly about?

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, I am hopeful we will have more opportunities to connect with our grantees in person, so we can continue to listen to what they’re saying about needs in our communities.

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