Reflections from Thomas Kelly, Jr.

Thomas Kelly, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer

What is your current role?

I serve as Chief Financial Officer of Moses Taylor Foundation. My introduction to the Foundation was through the Moses Taylor Hospital system, where I served as the Senior Vice President of Finance. Then I changed roles to help with the implementation of the Foundation. As CFO, I assume responsibility for administering the resolution of all debt incurred by the prior health system. My role with the Foundation is to provide financial statements for the board.

What are you most proud of in your work with the Foundation?

Over time, the Foundation has been able to increase our connectivity with the nonprofit organizations that are providing healthcare support to the various citizens within our service area.

What, in particular, do you want people to know about the Foundation?

A significant component is that the Foundation has been able to develop a very positive relationship with the grantees within the community. The Foundation is transparent dealing with the grantees; we don’t cater to any one special favorite.

Going forward, what do you feel strongly about?

I want to see the Foundation continue to be an ongoing organization that supports the community. We will continue to develop partnerships with different organizations to facilitate that mission.

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